Oct 17, 2020: BWR Cedar City

the hell of the south (utah): Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City

2020 results

With all of the Covid-19 related cancellations, The Belgian Waffle Ride: Cedar City was the only first event to be held since the Mid-South in March. It is also the last power ranking event of the year. Many familiar faces were missing from the front of the race but they were replaced by a crop of young hitters who pushed the competition to a higher level than anyone expected. 

All told, 566 rides took the field, with 395 (70%) riding the long course.


1: Keegan Swenson
2: Peter Stetina
3: Alexey Vermeulen
4: Dylan Johnson
5: Griffin Easter
6: Eric Brunner
7: Ryan Standish
8: Brian McCulloch
9: Joe Goettl
10: Stefano Barberi
11: Billy Taylor
12: Kai Applequist
13: Jeremy Ward
14: Cooper Shanks
15: Geno Villafano


1: Rose Grant
2: Kathy Prutt
3: Crystal Anthony
4: Heather Jackson
5: Melisa Rollins
6: Kaysee Armstrong
7: Evelyn Dong
8: Holly Breck
9: Bri Hoopes
10: Sarah Jarvis
11: Hilary Heskett
12: Anne Donley
13: Jennifer Smith
14: Lindsey Stevenson
15: Peta Takai

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