IRC Formula Pro Tubeless 25 Light

Wider Tread = Improved Puncture Resistance

We added a wider tread to all our Formula Pro Tubeless tires to better protect the casing and improve puncture resistance and boost durability. With improved sidewall protection and handling, this tire begs to be ridden over pavé and gravel.


The new Formula Pro Tubeless Light is our lightest weight and fastest rolling tubeless road tire. A wider tread and cross-sectional shape reduce rolling resistance by 10 percent. 


With an extra-wide tread and a new puncture-resistant belt, the Formula Pro Tubeless X-Guard is the toughest tire in the Formula Pro line. The X-Guard Belt++ covers the tire sidewall from bead to bead with a 40x40 TPI anti-puncture protection barrier.

Unlike other puncture-resistant tires, the X-Guard sacrifices nothing when it comes to riding in dry and wet conditions. If road hazards are a concern, this is the tire for you.

Light 700x25 HYBRID 90–115 265g
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