“Gravel Spot” Patch Hat

Are you a Gravel Bro™ that knows all the secret spots to ride? The “Gravel Spot” Patch hat was made for you. Go wild or mild with your color choice. 


This cap is called a “Snap Back Retro Trucker Hat”, but we all know this is really a “Dad Hat”. That means it fits your head comfortably and frees you from trying to be cool in an uncomfortable hat with a flat brim and a stupid high crown. Never let peer pressure make you wear an uncomfortable hat. 


6-Panel, Structured cap
Classic Mesh Back
Crown Height: 3 1/2" , Mid Profile
Matching Undervisor


Deep Dark Suffering Black
Gravel Army Green
Gravel Huntin’ Orange
Tennis Ball Green
A peloton of riders at SBT GRVL