Siren Pro Tubeless

Designed by former World Champion, Olympic silver medalist and G.O.A.T contender Sam Willoughby, the Siren Pro offers BMX racers unparalleled performance on any track. Lightweight and fast-rolling, the 120 TPI, tubeless-ready tire rails turns, smooths out technical straightaways, and provides insane grip on the gate and out of corners.

“You may want to bump up your gearing because you’re going to be cruising quicker than ever with the Siren Pro.” —Sam Willoughby

Tubeless Ready

The Siren Pro performs great with or without tubes. It’s Tubeless capable rigid sidewalls give you the ability to run up to 100psi but you may want to bump that gearing up because your going to be cruising along Quicker than ever with those higher pressures.

High-Pressure Casing

With a Kevlar bead and high-pressure casing, the Siren can be inflated up to 100PSI for ultra-low rolling resistance on smooth surface riding. The reinforced sides keep the casing from flexing as you corner, and allows you to track a perfect line. The Supple center tread conforms to the riding surface, smoothing out bumps. Combined with a high-rebound compound, this gives the Siren an incredibly low rolling-resistance.

120 TPI

Supple 120 TPI shaped casing allows for minimal ground contact when rolling in a straight line.

195427 20"x1.75" Aramid 75–100 340g
195428 20"x1.90" Aramid 75–100 385g

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