KOM Cycling Tubeless Sealant Injector

This thing is the bomb. Remove old sealant, and inject new sealant with an absolute minimum of mess. A steady hand may be able to get it done with zero drips (The current record in the Pure Gravel office is 2 drips). 

From the manufacturer:

Other tire sealant injectors try to make a seal over the valve, creating a big ol’ gunky mess. Our tubeless tire sealant injector goes directly through the valve and straight to the tire. No mess, ever.

Compatible with:

  • Tubeless Presta Valves
  • Tubeless Schrader Valves
  • Latex Tubes
  • Tubes with removable valve cores

Sealant Compatibility:

  • Orange Seal
  • Stans No Tubes
  • Other low viscosity sealants
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