IRC Boken Plus 700x38 and 700x42


The Boken+ is a multi-surface tire with a four part tread for smooth riding performance on any road. Boken+ tires are tubeless-ready, offering the flexibility to run with a tube or without. Running tubeless ready allows for lower pressures which provides better grip and faster rolling over rough surfaces, and a more comfortable ride.

  • Smooth Center Tread For Speed on the Tarmac
  • Inverted Micro-Diamond Pattern For Wet Traction
  • Hollow Centers on Blocks Give Maximum Flex and Grip
  • Ultra-Gummy Compound for Insane Bite on Nasty Obstacles

Tubeless Ready

High-Grip Compound

700x38 ARAMID 45-60 560g
700x42 ARAMID 45-50 575g
700x42 ARAMID

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Customer Reviews

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Reviews are requested so early in a product's life-cycle, but these tires so far are exceptional as an all-round tire

650b x 47mm BOKEN Plus - A Flat-out Good Tire

I drove to a local trail for an evening ride on BOKEN Plus 650bx47 tires, did my usual thumb pressure test on the tires and the back was pretty low, probably below 20 psi. I figured Id be okay but 8 miles from my truck. that soft feel to the back tire changed to this is totally flat.

Temps now in the 30s, dusk setting in and it was me, and a flat rear tire. Standing, I gently pedaled the hills and coasted the down hills, Fully expecting the tire to wobble off the rim, but it stayed mounted! I finally pedaled out of the trail to the road absolutely amazed that the tire was still on the rim. Descending on the road I figured the tire would finally let go, but the woof, woof of the flat tire in the dark of the night continued. Relieved and in disbelief, I finally arrived at my truck in total darkness with the tire still on the rim!

Next day,The BOKEN Plus looked a bit sad after rolling 8 miles completely flat, but no cuts, no bead damage, no side wall abrasions or wear. I re-mounted the BOKEN Plus, threw in some new tubeless juice, and bingoGood as new!!

Ive been a huge fan of the BOKEN Plus 650bx47mm tire (just ask a few people who know me) and after witnessing it endure that pounding and return to life, Im even more impressed! Its smooth, comfortable and super predicable on gravel surfaces and still rolls well on the road.

For local Asheville folk, I finished the SWANK 65 Mountain Bike race on my 3T gravel bike with this tire!