Friends of Gravel: Class of 2018

Pure Gravel has lots of friends, but one of our best buddies is IRC tire. IRC makes rad gravel tires. Their tires are so rad, we decided to sell some of them in our store. You can learn about all of IRC's tires at

SPNDX Stampede is an event/media company run by ex-pro cyclist Jon Hornbeck. There are no rules in gravel, and just to prove the point Jon rides his bike with a tank-top and fanny-pack. He also puts on some great rides with live music and a catered meal afterwards. See what he is up to at


[1] You have to be rad.

[2] You have to do something that benefits the gravel riding community.

[3] You have to be our friend.

No way. These are just rad companies run by good people and we think your life will be enriched to know about them.

Although our logotype reads “PUREGRAVEL”, we prefer to write it as two words, both capitalized and spaced like so: “Pure Gravel”. That seems the most natural. But don’t worry, we promise not to complain if you write it differently.