The Pre Ride Show: Emporia Kansas Edition


Kick off Unbound gravel week
with the Pre-Ride Show

The Pre-Ride Show will be filming in Emporia, Kansas June 3–5, 2021 at the UNBOUND gravel event. 

Jim Miller, “the voice of gravel,” will conduct interviews with top gravel racers and bike industry personalities. These interviews will be conducted in and around Emporia Kansas and the famous Flint Hills region. You won’t want to miss single moment of all the action happening race-week in Emporia.        

Show segments will be released throughout the week on YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV. Each show segment will be released minutes after filming. 

Bringing you Interviews with top athletes including:

  • LeLan Dains - Director of Visit Emporia

  • Kristi MohnMarketing Manager Unbound Gravel
  • Amity Rockwell - Reigning Queen of Unbound Gravel
  • Colin Strickland - Reigning King of Unbound Gravel
  • Amy Charity - Co-Founder SBT GRVL
  • Peter Stetina - Gravel Privateer
  • Kathy Pruitt - Former Downhill World Champion
  • Payson McElveen - Multitime National Champion
  • Jess Cera - Professional Gravelista
  • Tyler Pearce - The Vegan Cyclist
  • Dan Hughes - 4x Unbound winner
  • Charles Hughes - Youngest Unbound 2021 Racer
  • John Borstelmann - Reigning Gravel Worlds Champion
  • Anthony Carter -Domestique to the Streets
  • Jamie Bestwick - 14X X-Games Gold Medalist
  • Isabel King - Queen of many mountains
  • Eddie Anderson - Alpecin-Fenix rider, 2nd place BWR 2019
  • Whitney Allison - Co-founder
  • Dylan Johnson - The other Vegan Cyclist
  • Allison Tetrick - Former Unbound Gravel Winner

Watch on youtube

In addition to the Pre Ride Show, we will be posting live BEHIND-THE-SCENES updates to our instagram feed and story. We will be on-course during the race Saturday letting you know what is going on in real time.

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