Magical & Fantastical Super-Sticky Tubeless Rim Tape

Around the Pure Gravel offices we have come across so much rim tape from so many manufacturers. This is the best. 

This 21mm wide tape is perfect for rims with a 14–19mm wide internal channel. Each roll is 9m long. Enough for two wheels.


Stays where you put it and stays on better over time.

Slightly Stretchy.

This makes the tape more forgiving to install, and helps it to form perfectly to the shape of your rim.

Not too thick, not too thin.

Some tape is too thick to adequately form around bumps, seams, and irregularities in a rim. Other tape is too thin which causes it to wrinkle and fail prematurely.


You can see where the tape is fully adhered to the rim, and where you need to apply more pressure.


The bright color makes you happy. Life is too short for ugly things. Even rim tape.

*This product is not magical. No magic was used in the production of this product. The use of magic in the production of bicycle parts and accessories is strictly prohibited by international law.

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