Power Ranking Update: Big Sugar

Big Sugar

We finally recovered from our Big Sugar Hangover to bring you this Gravel Power Rankings update.  

The race was dynamic. Every time our team saw the lead riders come through there was a different group off the front. Power rankings leader Adam Roberge took third to secure his spot at the top of the rankings. 

There was not a lot of drama at the front. The first 6 places remained unchanged. On the Men’s side Russel Finsterwald was the big winner, jumping up to 7th overall. On the Women's side, Paige Onweiller’s win at Big Sugar catapulted her all the way to second in the rankings.

Here are the top 15 riders at Big Sugar who earned points:

Women Men


Paige Onweller
Emily Newsom
Alexis Skarda
Rose Grant
Lauren De Crescenzo
Maeghan Easler
Sofia Gomez Villafane
Whitney Allison
Sarah Sturm
Savilia Blunk
Flavia Oliveira Parks
Hannah Otto
Haley Smith
Heather Jackson
Evelyn Dong

Russell Finsterwald
Keegan Swenson
Adam Roberge
Alexey Vermeulen
Nicholas Roche
Alex Howes
Brennan Wertz
Peter Stetina
John Borstelmann
Cole Paton
Logan Owen
Laurens Ten Dam
Tanner Ward
Innokenty Zavyalov
Griffin Easter


Here are the top ranked riders at year end 

top womwn

Paige Onweller was probably not on a lot of people's radar to be on the Gravel Power Ranking podium, but here is how she earned it:

Barry-Roubaix 1st
Big Sugar 1st
Gravel Worlds 2nd
Mid South 5th

As we look over the top-10 we feel a twinge of sadness seeing Moriah Wilson posthumously holding the 5th position. It is a sad reminder of the broken world we live in. Moriah’s early-season results at BWR and Mid South garnered enough points to hold the spot in the rankings.

top men

Adam Roberge held the top spot through the second half of the year. His devotion to a high-volume campaign of *ahem* pure gravel races, (as opposed to mixing in MTB events, FKTs, etc.) earned him the spot over riders like Keegan Swenson who competed in fewer gravel events. Adam earned points in 9 events this year; more than any other rider. Keegan, for example, scored points in just three gravel events (Unbound, SBT, Big Sugar). Here are Adam's events:

barry-roubaix 1st
Big Sugar 3rd
Gravel Locos 4th
Gravel Worlds 1st
Mid South 3rd
Rooted Vermont 1st
Sbt grvl 14th
Unbound 10th
Vermont Overland 2nd


View the full men's rankings

View the full women’s rankings 

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