The Groadio Podcast power rankings


The Groadio Podcast power rankings

Amanda Nauman and Zachary Schuster put together this power ranking on the Groadio Podcast. We thought this was really cool, but too subjective. It inspired us to create the definitive Gravel Power Rankings which you can see here.

Here is their list:


  1. Sarah Max
  2. Amity Rockwell
  3. Rebecca Fahringer
  4. Amanda Panda
  5. Katarina Nash
  6. Amy Charity
  7. Kae Takeshita
  8. Serena Gordon
  9. Evelyn Dong
  10. Alison Tetrick
  1. josh berry
  2. eddie andersen
  3. carl decker
  4. Alex Howes
  5. barry wicks
  6. Colin Strickland
  7. Peter Stetina
  8. Tristan Uhl
  9. Alex Grant
  10. Jeremiah Bishop

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