Eliel Lost Coast Cargo Bibs

Eliel Lost Coast Cargo Bibs

I was very excited to try out the new Eliel Lost Coast Cargo Bibs at Content Camp Catalina Island. Like SUPER excited. This is a product I have wanted for a while. The first time I saw a woman wearing tights with a pocket on the thigh I immediately blurted out "I want that on my bibs!" Pockets on bibs is a slam dunk, and Eliel makes my favorite bibs. So when I heard we were demoing Eliel pocket bibs I was all in. My expectations could not have been higher. Now, when someone writes something like that, you expect them to start to tell you about how they were let down. That didn't happen. The bibs are great. There is no reason to buy any other bib. 


The bibs have a large thigh pocket on each leg. These pockets are huge and deep. You can ride with a GoPro on a selfie stick in your pocket and forget it is there. I actually did forget my phone was there. I panicked for a minute thinking I must have dropped it 10 miles back, but it was just in my pocket.

There are also 2 pockets on the back way up under the jersey. These pockets are smaller, and hard to get too, but still useful. One of these back pockets has a zipper. I put my ID and credit card in there. I didn't use the other one, but it is big enough for a few bars or arm warmers.

I appreciate that they do not call out the pockets with color as some other brands have done. The pockets are nearly invisible when they have nothing in them.

Elliel added some reflective material on the back of the legs. I like it. It's nice, but who cares. These bibs have pockets. 

The Pockets

I could go on and on about how large and useful the pockets are, but maybe it’s easier to show you. 

Here I am, looking like a dork with my pockets stuffed with way too much stuff. But,  I COULD ride like this.

A closer look at the side pockets.

And the back pockets.

Watch the video below to see what I had in my pockets:

Pocket Options

Now, I know what you are thinking. That’s a lot of stuff, but what else could I fit in the Eliel Cargo Bibs?

How about an iPad? Yes!

Four water bottles? Yes!

A DSLR and lens? Yes!

A cat? No! But I tried.


Some people will look at the $260 MSRP and do a spit-take because it is so extravagantly high. Other people will be surprised at how much cheaper it is than other premium brands. Two things I would like to point out though, are

  1. Bibs are your most important piece of cycling equipment. You want a great bib before you want anything else. It has a dramatic effect on the comfort and quality of your ride.
  2. For gravel, the pocket bibs hold your phone and tools and nutrition so you can wear a t-shirt and skip the jersey. This means you get an entire set of premium cycling kit for $260. Thats a bargain. 


    • Having a bib with two pockets on the side is incredible. T-shirts and tank tops can now be worn with no issues.
    • I didn’t think they could make their bibs any better, but they did. I was holding a selfie stick with GoPro and totally forgot it was even in there. This short is a hit! 
    • The pockets are massively useful. It is perfect for a t-shirt ride.
    • First experience with the cargo style pocket bib—super comfortable and the side pockets are so practical for the likes of phone and nutrition!
    • I kept my phone on one side and my snacks in the other. Even over the rough terrain the items didn't move! The Lost Coast jersey was light weight and comfy. The mid section was the perfect length and didn't bunch up while riding and the pockets were easy to access. 
    • One of my favorite things about cycling is taking photos and the ability to capture my surroundings. The cargo bib gives me easy access to my phone or camera when the time is right! The chamois, compression and overall fit are exactly what I'm looking for from a bib short. 


    We took your favorite ELIEL Laguna Seca Cycling Bib Short and amplified its utility for all kinds of cycling adventures. Both legs include an additional panel of the short's high-quality Italian fabric to create exterior cargo pockets, perfect for extra snacks, your iPhone, or that stick of sunscreen to want quick access to. We also inserted a small silver trim on the rear side of the leg to incorporate a reflective element for foggy mornings or late night excursions. This short's construction also included rear panel pockets (one with a zipper!) and a sleek new bib strap construction that removed all seams for a flat lay and zero-edge finish. 

    • 100% Hand-Crafted in California̴
    • Race Fit
    • Laser-Cut, Precision Construction
    • Exterior cargo pockets on both legs
    • Rear panel pockets, including a zipper pocket
    • Reflective inserts on the backside of the leg
    • Seamless strap construction
    • CyTech, Carbon Weave, 6+ hour chamois kills bad bacteria, removes moisture from the body, preventing saddle sores

     Learn more at elielcycling.com

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