Inflection point: As gravel racing goes mainstream, can it retain its renegade status?

Peter Stetina in black canyon

Neal Rogers over at Cycling Tips has one of the best recent articles on the state of gravel. Of particular interest, he looked at the schedules of 20 top gravel riders to find the 10 most competitive gravel events of 2020

  • The Mid-South
  • Sea Otter Classic
  • Belgian Waffle Ride
  • Dirty Kanza 200
  • Lost and Found Gravel Grinder
  • Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder (stage race)
  • The Rift
  • Leadville Trail 100
  • Big Sugar

These events are all great, and six of the ten are on our power rankings. Oregon Trail is too small. The Rift is too small and not in America. We do not count Leadville because it is a mountain bike event. Sea Otter is interesting though… There are two gravel events which will each be too small for the rankings  but do we count it as a part of a huge event?

The whole article is a must-read.

Read it on Cycling Tips

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