Is this the best chain lube for gravel?

pink wend wax

The Pure Gravel team prides ourselves on combing through the mountains of bicycle products and bringing you the best product recommendations for gravel riding. There are people that will defend their choice of chain lube with religious fervor, but after testing many, MANY, lubes, we have come across what we think is hands down the best lube for gravel. It is called WEND WAX-ON CHAIN LUBE. This stuff is amazing. 

Check out these palmares:

  • 1st at Race Across America
  • 1st Gravel World Championships

Everyone knows by now that paraffin wax is the best chain lube, but it is difficult to use (and dangerous if you do it wrong). Wend has been around since 1971 making wax for surfboards (you may have heard of their product "Sticky Bumps") and skis. They have used their expertise to engineer a paraffin-based formula that includes zinc, teflon, and proprietary friction reducers. The best part is their wax can just be rubbed on at room temperature. No need for a double-boiler or taking your chain off every 200 miles to re-dip it. 

We will be offering Wend products for sale on soon, but we are excited to announce that we will have them for sale at the Pure Gravel Pop-up Shop at Dirty Kanza. 

What we are most excited about for DK is Wend’s Factory Waxed Chains. Wend strips, cleans, and then dips a brand new chain at their factory. What you get is a brand new chain that lasts for 200-300 miles before you need to re-apply the wax. The pure Gravel team was at DK last year and we can tell you, there are SO MANY riders with squeaky grinding chains in the last half of the race. The muddy and wet conditions wear off lube and destroy drivetrains. Wend Wax is extremely durable and resistant to bad-weather conditions, but if you need to re-apply, you can carry a tiny 0.5 ounce container of wax, and just rub it on when you need it. It takes less than 10 seconds. 

So come by the pop-up shop and we will get your drivetrain race-ready with either a Wend Wax kit, or a factory waxed chain with an emergency container. The factory chains are $100. The Wax kits are $30, and the emergency containers are $3. Everything will be 20% off at the pop-up. 


After hours of extremely fun testing, we're excited to introduce WEND Factory Waxed chains, offered for Shimano or SRAM Drivetrains. Taking the best of a freshly waxed chain and making it better, the Factory Waxed Chains are perfect for a big ride, race or everyday training, and can be kept in prime condition with a fresh application or WEND wax after 200-300 miles.

Submerging both Shimano and SRAM chains into a sophisticated paraffin formula to allow for full saturation, WEND Factory Waxed chains result in increased efficiency, longer lasting wax jobs and long-term compatibility with WEND Bike’s current offerings. 

Introduced in 2015, WEND Bike utilizes proprietary friction reducers as well as proven lubricants including zinc and Teflon™ to create a chain wax that promotes a quiet, clean and efficient drivetrain. Extending the benefits of a waxed chain to riders without the hassle of traditional waxing methods, WEND Bike can be applied via stick applicator or from a newly introduced bulk tin, resulting in a ride that’s clean, quiet and resistant to the elements within minutes of application.  

For optimal performance, use with WEND Wax-On and Wax-Off.  

Did we mention Wend Wax comes in colors? So much fun! Check out Wend’s awesome instagram feed.

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