Land Run 100 Changes name to “The Mid South”

lr100 is now mid south

Land Run 100 has changed its name going forward to "The Mid South”. The TLDR version is that the event organizers no longer want their event to be associated with the land runs which took place in Oklahoma in the late 1800s. Those land runs displaced the indigenous populations and resettled their land. 

From founder Bobby Wintle:

Without knowing the truth behind what actually occurred in 1889 I ignorantly named our event after the opening of the “Unassigned Lands.”… Using the name for our event seemed perfect as these roads felt old and as if they immediately transported a person traveling on them back to the time they were created. That event, however displaced indigenous people and had their land stolen from them, yet again… The goal was never to celebrate or reenact those happenings from the late 19th century. Naming our event Land Run 100 did immediately correlate us with the past, however… Once our small crew and myself realized that the correlation with the original Land Run of 1889 was offensive to others we had to make a change.

Rebranding a successful enterprise is no small thing, but this was the right decision. We neither want to celebrate a dark moment in our nation's history or sweep it under the rug. 

Aesthetically, the new name is good, but the new logo is great. It is far and away better than the old LR100 logo. The fat strokes of the trademark and bold mid-century typography give you the sense the event has been going on for 100 years and will continue for 100 more. We hope it does.

Read the full story on The Radavist, including a letter from the founder Bobby Wintle.

Resources to learn about the land runs of the late 1800's are were on the old event website:

Information about the event can now be found on the new website

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