Peter Stetina talks to Cycling News about his 2021 race plans

peter stetina

Professional Gravel-Ruiner Peter Stetina talked to Cycling News about his racing plans for 2021. He has contingencies for Covid, but it sounds like he is optimistic he will be able to put together a solid-calendar:

“At the moment though it looks like I’ll start at Mid South, that’s in the middle of March. I’ll do a couple of the Grasshopper series and then the Belgian Waffle Series. There’s Unbound, the Rift in Iceland, and the LeadBoat Challenge. "I have my own personal event, and then the thing I’m most excited about are the rise of the gravel stage races. There’s the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder and then the TransRockies Gravel Royale. They are four to five-day gravel races and if there was anything that I was built for, it’s these. Those races have the potential to create their own safe bubble as long as you show up with a negative test or a vaccine card. These events are really taking off at the moment. Overall, it’s about 35 race days and it’s a busy schedule." 

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