We asked the pros what tires they will ride for Crusher in the Tushar

crusher in the Tushar

Photos courtesy of Life Time 

The third event in the Life Time Grand Prix is almost here, and we are a little embarrassed to admit that we have no idea what the right tire is for this event. We know there is a lot of climbing but that's about it.

The Crusher course is ~70 miles with ~10k vertical feet, coming almost entirely in two large climbs. The course is predominately dirt, but does include some pavement. 

crusher in the Tushar profile

All of that climbing means weight is a consideration, but will smaller tires cost more time on the descents than it saves on the climbs? How rough is the course? How loose are the descents? We see mountain bikes in some of the photos. What tire should we ride?

Lets ask some experts…

descending crusher

Jeremiah bishop

Jeremiah Bishop

2 x USA MTB Champion

IRC Boken 36. A perfect crusher tire. Light, quick, and can turn on loose powder and gravel.

crusher view

iz king

Isabel King

Gravel Privateer

I am going to be riding my Canyon Grail (gravel bike) with the Panaracer gravelking SKs. Despite the course being pretty much the opposite from Unbound, I’m going to run a similar set up. It’s not a technical race, but last year the washboard’s were so brutal, I'm going to put a 43 tire on the front to give me a bit more cushion. I’ll stick with a 38 on the back. Mullet set up for (hopefully) more fun. 


Eddie Anderson

Eddie Anderson

World Tour Pro
2nd place Crusher in the Tushar 2019

For Crusher in the Tushar, I am planning to run 38cc Vittoria Terreno Dry tires.  I’ve chosen this tire, because it has great side knobs for cornering on gravel, while maintaining a smoother inner tread for the smoother and faster sections of the course. 


Peter stetina

Peter Stetina

Gravel Privateer

I am hearing that the course is dry and loose this year, but the long descent is still really rough. I am thinking IRC Boken DoubleCross 700x38 for traction and volume.

bottles everywhere

Alexey Vermeulen

Alexey Vermeulen


For Crusher I am looking for a tire that rolls fast uphill, but has some bite when it comes to the fast descending. The Kenda Alliuvium has proved to do both of those things while also carrying some great puncture protection because it is hard to finish the race without air in your tires!

Keegan Swenson

Keegan Swenson


40mm Maxxis Rambler with the 120 tip EXO casing. I think these tires have the best rolling resistance with still decent protection from punctures.

Did the Pros get it right? What tire are you riding for Crusher?

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