Pure Gravel Announces 2021 Gravel Cycling Power Rankings

Gravel Power Ranking Championship Trophies

Pure Gravel is excited to announce the 2021 Gravel Power Rankings results. The rankings give points to the top fifteen finishers at the largest gravel cycling events of the year. The winners are bestowed the coveted title of “King and Queen of Gravel” and a Pure Gravel Power Ranking personalized award went to the top three men and women winners.  

Entering their 4th year, The Pure Gravel Power rankings have become a valuable resource used by brands and athletes to identify the events gaining the most traction with the gravel riding public. In the true spirit of gravel, the Pure Gravel Power Rankings are unbeholden to corporate biases or governing bodies. Taking their lead from the gravel riding populous, the rankings measure what is happening and do not seek to exclude or restrict which events matter.

“The Pure Gravel Power Rankings are the only place to go to get the best information on gravel events and racers. We look at the rankings as a factor when we are making athlete sponsorship decisions.” —Eric Sakalowsky, Felt Bicycles

The first half of 2021 was still firmly in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, but towards the middle of the year events started to come back again. It was a rough start, but the year ended strong with 15 large events held across the country. Pure Gravel has compiled all of the data and calculated the results to bring a spotlight to the inspiring athletes competing in these events.

“We love gravel riding and racing, and we applaud the inclusive character of these mass-start gravel events. As fans we also enjoy watching the race that goes on at the front of the largest events. It is a compelling sport filled with inspiring storylines that we can all feel a part of. We are trying to help tell that story for fans like us.”  — Steve Driscoll, Pure Gravel

All told, 164 men and 143 women earned points in 2021. Full list.

Below are the top 10 gravel cycling athletes for 2021.


  1. Lauren De Crescenzo

  2. Moriah Wilson
  3. Sofia Gomez Villafane
  4. Lindsey Stevenson
  5. Katerina Nash
  6. Emily Newsom
  7. Maude Farrell
  8. Maghalie Rochette
  9. Amity Rockwell
  10. Emma Langley


  1. Ian Boswell

  2. Peter Stetina

  3. Adam Roberge
  4. John Borstelmann

  5. Colin Strickland

  6. Ted King

  7. Hugo Scala Jr.

  8. Russell Finsterwald

  9. Alex Howes

  10. Brennan Wertz
"I'm stoked to have made the Top Step of the Gravel Rankings this year. An honor given the strength of the competition and the grueling courses. It makes all those early morning trainer sessions, gut-wrenching intervals, weeks of travel, and most importantly, putting my epidemiology career on pause, easier to swallow. I've consulted the Power Rankings as I've built my race schedule to make sure I hit all the big events that matter to my sponsors. Winning the Power Rankings was a fantastic way to wrap up an excellent season and I'm looking forward to what next year might bring as I'm only getting started!"
—Lauren De Crescenzo, 2021 Woman’s Winner
I didn’t anticipate having so much success this year and I had so much fun doing it. It’s an honor to win the Pure Gravel Power Rankings, the stamp on a year I won’t forget.”  —Ian Boswell, 2021 Men’s Winner

For 2022 Pure Gravel is entertaining offers for sponsorship which allows the expansion of the rankings by offering a prize purse to the top 3 riders overall each for men and for women. Contact Pure Gravel if you would like to be considered.

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