Rock Cobbler 2021 in Review


Rock Cobbler 8.0 is in the books! We accidentally stayed in the worst hotel in Bakersfield, but no one got stabbed and we had a great time. Below you will find some of our favorite photos and moments from our live coverage of the event. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to our full photo gallery.

Our Favorite Images from Rock Cobbler:

Rock Cobbler 8.0: cattle canyon

One of the iconic features of Rock Cobbler is this cattle trail cut through a canyon on a private ranch in the hills outside of Bakersfield. If you ride here any other day of the year, you will be arrested!

Rock Cobbler 8.0: hill

Punchy doesn’t begin to describe Rock Cobbler. 

Rock Cobbler 8.0: Brian Mcculloch trying to claw his way back into the race.

Rock Cobbler has a little of everything. Even a little tarmac. This is Brian McCulloch clawing his way back from 30th to 5th after a poor start.

Rock Cobbler 8.0: Derek Betcher

No matter ho hard we try, we can’t keep Derek Betcher out of our photo galleries.

Rock Cobbler 8.0: Blake Anton with an axe

Sam Ames, the organizer, likes to give riders something useful as a prize. Finishers were gifted with a hatchet this year. 

Rock Cobbler 8.0: marty all wet

Marty was one of the lucky ones. He found a bucket of ice water to dump over his head after he finished dry-heaving.

Rock Cobbler 8.0: hills are scary

Hills are scary

Rock Cobbler 8.0: bruno

Bruno Suttles showing us his moves on the tire obstacle.

Rock Cobbler 8.0: riders

Rock Cobbler brings flat bars and drop bars together into one happy family; even if they can’t agree whether to go left or right.

Rock Cobbler 8.0: winner

Jonas Woodruff at only 15 years old took 25th out of 390! Moriah Wilson came away with the victory.


Tacoman is a fixture at Rock Cobbler.

Rock Cobbler 8.0: front

The lead group rolling out.

Rock Cobbler 8.0: ball pit

You really didn’t want to be the first one to brave the ball pit. Going in hot was a recipe for diaster! 

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