Gravel Power Rankings: 2020

For 2020, the Pure Gravel Power Rankings will be updated after every qualifying event. The first big event will be Land run 100 The Mid South on March 14, in Stillwater Oklahoma, but there are two events that make the rankings before Mid South. First, The Texas Chainring Massacre kicks off the gravel year on Jan 24. They just missed the cut-off in 2019 by three riders. The second event will be Old Man Winter on Feb 9th in Colorado. This event is going to have a stacked field, and many will see it as the kick-off for the pro gravel circuit this year. 

The primary criteria for inclusion in the power rankings is a field size of 500 riders or more. This includes DNF's, but not DNS's. In 2019 this gave us 15 events. In 2020 we expect 22 (give or take). The events shown in outline are possible new events for 2020. We will not know till the result post which events make the cut. If we overlooked an event that qualifies, Please let us know!


2020 Power Rankings year-end update

Final Power Rankings for 2020


2020 MEN

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2020 WOMEN

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A peloton of riders at SBT GRVL