Gravel Power Rankings 2019: 2nd place

pure gravel power rankings 2019 #02

Second place in the 2019 gravel power rankings goes to the first place winners in the 2019 Dirty Kanza; Colin Strickland and Amity Rockwell!

colin strickland

Colin Strickland

Colin rides for MeteorXGeordana cycling team and he has one of those cool RedBull hats. Colin is also the hand-model for the Belgian Waffle Ride contact page.

One of the reasons we love Colin so much is, like Peter Stetina, he chose the life of gravel. When the World Tour pros came to Kansas Colin beat them down with a 100-mile solo effort, and was rewarded with a pro tour contract. He turned it down. It sounds like the plot of a Lifetime movie. (Based on the true story of a Lifetime event.)

Here are his ranked results for 2019:
2nd Boulder Roubaix
1st Dirty Kanza
4th Rebecca’s Private Idaho


colin making the break

This is Colin attacking on Little Egypt Road with 105 miles to go in the 2019 Dirty Kanza. Josh Barry covered this attack, but not to long after Colin had a break that stuck. We didn't think he would make it, but he held his lead to turn in the first sub-10-hour result in DK history. Photo by Steve Driscoll.

amity rockwell

Amity Rockwell

Amity (and her wild lion’s mane, rivaled only by Sarah Sturm in the gravel peloton) rides for #EastonOverland. After her inspiring win at Dirty Kanza 2019 (it involved puking), Amity quit her job and began riding full-time. In 2019 Amity scored points in the following events:

4th Landrun
1st Dirty Kanza
9th Crusher in the Tushar
6th Rebeccas Private Idaho
12th Grinduro California



amity at dk

Amity after winning the DK200 (Photo Steve Driscoll)

amity at sbt grvl

Amity at SBT GRVL (Photo Steve Driscoll)

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