Gravel Power Rankings 2019: 3rd place

Gravel Power Rankings 2019: 3rd place

On the 2019 Podium: Sarah Sturm and Payson McElveen

Sarah Sturm

We first became aware of Sturmy when she won the Pro Women’s Crit at Sea Otter on her gravel bike. She became an instant gravel star three weeks later when she totally crushed the rest of the field at the Belgian Waffle Ride. Sarah then went on to grab 2nd at Lost & Found, and 3rd at SBT GRVL. She finished her gravel season with an 8th place finish at Grinduro which gave her enough points to pass Alison Tetrick and Sarah Max for 3rd place overall in the final 2019 power rankings. When Sarah isn't grinding the gravel she spends her time tearing the legs off of roadies, ’cross, and XC MTB racers at their events. Velonews has a  Q&A with Sarah that is worth a read.


Step 1: Drop a pack of hard-men  (photo: Steve Driscoll)

Step 2: conquer the dreaded Mur Van dubbleberg  (photo: Steve Driscoll)

Step 3: Win the BWR (photo: Craig Huffman)


Payson McElveen

Payson calls himself a “Pro MTB cowboy” for @orangesealoffroadteam. He has his own website, his own podcast, and his own YouTube channel. He even has his own line of cycling kit. He also has one of those cool @redbull helmets. He's pretty much a baller 24/7.

According to an informal Pure Gravel office poll, Payson was edged out by Peter Stetina in the “most stylish facial hair” category, but he won the #StacheWatts category by a landslide. His mustache has its own instagram account.

His list of exploits is long, but the ones we are concerned with are here:
1st Landrun
5th DK

Check out the Instagram


Payson driving the front at SBT GRVL
(photo: Steve Driscoll) 

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A peloton of riders at SBT GRVL