Gravel Power Rankings 2019: 4th place

pure gravel power rankings 2019 #04

Our 4th place athletes are Peter Stetina and Sarah Max

Peter Stetina

Peter Stetina

We believe Peter has the distinction of being the first rider to walk away from the WorldTour to race gravel professionally full-time. (As opposed to “retiring” and then riding a few gravel races on the side.) Read about that here on Velonews. And here on CX Magazine. Welcome to our dirty little world Peter. 

In 2019 Peter won the Belgian Waffle Ride, and placed second in Kansas. He came soooo close to being the first rider to pull off the BWR-DK double. We can’t wait to see what he does in 2020. 

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peter stetina

Stetina coming across the line at the Belgian Waffle Ride. Winning the BWR must have had an impact on Peter because he chose both Canyon and IRC as his partners for his 2020 campaign. Watch his win below:

sarah max

Sarah Max

If you are reading this and you don’t know who Sarah Max is, SHAME ON YOU. Here is a little introduction: Hailing from Bend Oregon, Sarah is a freelance writer covering finance for publications like Entrepreneur, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Sarah is also an absolute killer on the bike, and she had a killer year:
2nd at BWR
3rd at DK
3rd at Crusher
7th at SBT
2nd at RPI

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sarah max

Sarah putting the Panda in the hurt locker at BWR.

sarah max

 Sarah after DK 2019.

J.O.M. from Gravel Cyclist caught up with Sarah at 2019 Gravel Camp, Calabasas, California

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