Mammoth Tuff goes Virtual: The TUFF-20 Challenge

mammoth tuff

The inaugural Mammoth Tuff gravel ride was grounded before it even got off the runway, but organizers David Sheek and Amanda Nauman didn’t want to leave the TUFF community without something fun to do for the rest of summer or fall. That is why they created the Tuff-20 Challenge.  

Tuff-20 is a little different than most virtual challenges, and we think, more fun. Instead of emptying your soul to ride solo for X-miles and Y-elevation, Tuff-19 participants will choose from a menu of mini-challenges. Completing each mini-challenge earns the rider a chance to win a prize.

“We trust you know how to #ExploreYourTUFF, so choose your own adventure and decide to participate in all, some, or none of the little competitions we created,” said Sheek.

Challenges include:

  • TUFF Rider
  • Most Mileage
  • Most Elevation
  • Takeout Titan
  • Gravel Reporter
  • Gravel Scavenger

Prizes include:

  • A complete bike from Niner and Shimano
  • Rene Herse tires
  • SDG Saddles
  • Monster Hydro Prize Packs
  • Kogel pulley sets
  • PRO Discover Bag set
  • Orange Seal Podium Packs

All riders will also receive some nice swag and access to some pretty great discounts from supporting partners.

Anyone can participate, from anywhere, and ride whatever distance, on their choice of bike from August 1, 2020 – September 30, 2020. Registration is $50 and is open now.   

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September 08, 2020

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