Pure Gravel 'Must Haves’: The Xpedo CXR Pro Pedal

Xpedo CXR Pro Pedal

The Xpedo CXR Pro pedal is light, ultra-durable, flashy, serviceable, and priced to move as fast as you do!

By Brian McCulloch (Big Wheel Coaching)

Whether it’s epic endurance events like BWR and Dirty Kanza, ‘swoopy’ single-track on a drop-bar bike, or simply getting off the pavement in search of less traffic and more adventure, the term “gravel riding” means different things to each of us. However, regardless of terrain, there is one constant for each of us gravel-junkies… 

Our equipment has to perform, and perform flawlessly.

I know you, like me, have experienced an untimely mechanical that turned a great ride into a frustrating experience (are any mechanicals timely?). 

Enter the Xpedo CXR Pro pedal, a pedal that cut its teeth in the high-pressure world of Cyclocross where a pedal has to function properly even in the most ruthless conditions. Every second spent fussing with pedals in a CX race results in lost speed and momentum.

In gravel, as in cyclocross (or any type of riding for that matter), a pedal that requires a rider to take their gaze off the trail in search of the cleat/pedal entry point is unacceptable. As riders we need to be able to keep our eyes on the obstacles ahead, not the pedals below. That’s a category that the Xpedo CXR nails. Ease of entry and ‘sightless’ location of the pedal is both intuitive and easy. No staring at your crank and slapping your foot agains the pedals hoping for entry here! 

A Roadie (With Off-Road Roots) Gone Graveling

Although gravel is a somewhat new iteration of cycling, many of us have been riding our road-rigs off-road for some time. This was not renegade behavior, but a desire to get a much-needed change of scenery with the tools available to us roadies. So needless to say, I was late adopter to the MTB/Gravel shoe and pedal combo. But now I ask myself, why did I wait so long? 

Now, after riding and racing each set-up (road and MTB), including having the ruined road shoes to show for it, I can say that I can fully appreciate the wisdom that cyclocross legend, and all-around stud, Tim Johnson shared with me years-ago on a 150-mile mega-ride, “Nearly every bike rider would benefit from making MTB shoes their primary set-up, the pure roadie is the obvious exception. It’s easier, more durable, just clip-in and go!” It took years for me to appreciate those words, now you can benefit from that wisdom with a set of Xpedo CXR pedals that “check all the boxes!”

#SwitchToXpedo Why Make The Change?

The CXR Pro pedals have titanium spindles mated to aluminum bodies via three sealed cartridge bearings making this pedal light, super smooth, and durable. Because the aluminum body relies on sealed cartridge bearings it is completely serviceable but also durable enough to handle the most brutal conditions you are willing to tackle. From the Mid-South muck to the lonesome roads of Kansas and every mile of trail you ride each week, these pedals can take every bit of torture you can throw at them.

As for weight, the Xpedo pedals come in at a feathery 240g, and because that’s rotating mass, every gram saved helps you cruise faster or ride longer for the same effort! On top of that, the Xpedo does all of this at a retail price below that of industry giant and standard for comparison, Shimano. 

Whether you’re on an Endurance Road Bike that takes you in search of the unbeaten path after a group ride or riding a full-blown gravel set-up complete with bike-packing regalia, you can rest assured that any pedal in the Xpedo CXR line is dependable, functional, and performance-minded. Xpedo’s relentless pursuit of light, durable, and easy to use pedals are right at home on any gravel rig. 

The Facts & Only The Facts: Xpedo CXR Pro Titanium Pedals

  • Spindle Type: Titanium 
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Bearings: 3 Sealed Cartridge Bearings For Balance & Durability
  • Weight: 240g
  • Retail Price: $169.00
  • Cleats: Xpedo XPD 6* Float 
  • Springs: SWP Posi-Lock Retention System
  • Special Options: Available In Blue And Black


top viewangle viewend view

Here’s THREE reasons’ you should ride a Gravel/MTB shoe/pedal combo if you still use a road set-up.

  1. Keep those expensive feather-weight shoes in pristine condition! Wearing your roadies on a gravel ride is inviting trouble when you get to an inevitable dismount section or technical trail. 
  2. Stiffness, modern MTB shoes are MUCH stiffer than the old-flimsy shoes of the past. Nowadays off-road shoes are essentially road shoes with cleats molded to the sole.
  3. Gravel shoes get gritty and can stay that way, but don’t show up on your local road ride (when they come back) with shoes that look like you were re-enacting a ‘singing in the rain’ segment.

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