The State of Gravel Cycling

cyclists in a 2x2 paceline

Peter Abraham has a great wide-ranging article on Medium about the state of gravel cycling. Among other topics, he talks about the competitive side of gravel co-existing with the grass-roots community spirit of gravel: 

At the same time, the competitive side of gravel racing will grow and professionalize. This expansion is inevitable, and human nature bends toward competition in almost any sport. While some are worried about how this will impact that community grassroots spirit of gravel, I believe that competition and community can coexist just fine. For instance, I’ve surfed my entire life, and I don’t think anyone would say, “Kelly Slater killed surfing’s vibe.” In fact, his 11 world championships have amplified the spirit of surfing by inspiring millions of us who watch his extraordinary skills. The same thing will happen in gravel as more and more pro cyclists like Pete Stetina, Alison Tetrick, and Ted King enter the sport.

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