Gravel Power Rankings: 2019

Pure Gravel Power Rankings

Unveiling the 2019 gravel power rankings

We were inspired by the gravel rankings put together by Amanda Nauman and Zachary Schuster on the Groadio Podcast. Their rankings were good (See their rankings here), but we felt they had some blind spots. How could you leave off Sarah Sturm and Ted King, for instance? So we set out to create the definitive USA Gravel Power rankings, based on data and removing subjectivity. Spreadsheets were involved. 

We aren't just throwing darts

As we looked to calculate our Power Rankings, we knew it would be critical to select the best events as our basis. Again, we did not want to introduce subjectivity so we began looking for criteria to filter the events. After great deal of testing we discovered there was only one criteria that mattered. Size. When you only take the largest events, you do not have to worry about date or location or even quality of the field. The most successful events draw the largest number of riders, and the highest quality of riders. We included every gravel event in America with a field size of 500 riders or more. 

Here is how we calculate the rankings in detail 

The hay is in the barn! 

The 2019 gravel season is over, and we have the end-of-year results.


2019 MEN

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2019 WOMEN

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What’s Next?

In 2020 we will be updating the power rankings after every race. The first event on the calendar is Land Run The Mid South on March 14, in Stillwater Oklahoma. You can find a short write-up of each event and a link to the event website on our events blog.

Does something about the rankings stick in your craw? Do you have something else you want to say? Leave a comment on the rankings detail page.